A Victorian Christmas

Year 1 visited ‘A Victorian Christmas’ at The Cottage Museum to go with their topic learning about Christmas celebrations. They dressed up as Victorian children and explored the types of toys the children would have received for Christmas back then - if they were lucky!

They learnt that Victorian children would only get one present at Christmas and it would have to last them all year. Even worse, the poor servant lady ‘Molly’ would have only received a new “pinny” for Christmas and she would have had to look grateful for it!

The pupils then went on a sugar mouse hunt collecting clues that spelt out an old fashioned toy. They worked as team player tortoises to read the clues and discovered the word spelled ‘rocking horse’.

The toys in the house were incredibly beautiful and precious; unfortunately they weren’t allowed to play with the doll’s house as it was too delicate.

After this the children decorated Christmas baubles using felt tips and sequins. They were made from wood, like they might have used in the Victorian times.

Towards the end of the visit Year 1 were introduced to even more Victorian toys including a toy pop-gun and a kaleidoscope.

Finally they sang an old song called ‘The Farmer’s in his Den’ and all played a part in the song.