An Audience with a War Hero

On Saturday, Years 5 and 8 pupils were very privileged to have an audience with the last surviving member of the Dambusters, Johnny Johnson. At 96 years old he gave a truly engaging, entertaining and extraordinary account of his crew's daring raid on the Ruhr valley in 1943. The children listened intently to this remarkable war hero and there were many questions which they were able to put to Johnny in a Q & A session afterwards.  

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pupils and staff alike to hear a first-hand account of the build-up and events of this iconic Second World War operation and also to hear of the behind the scenes personal stories not revealed in the history books.

Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Nelstrop who very kindly hosted the event at Abbey Farm and of course a huge thank you to Johnny Johnson for sharing his inspirational life story with us. We all felt honoured to have been able to hear Johnny talk and it is an experience that the children and accompanying staff will remember for the rest of their lives.