Boarding Update Summer Week 9

On Monday the boarders went outside for their hobby with Mr Pickering to play sports. Sometimes it's a game of quick cricket, or a kick around at football! After the hobby was over they all came back upstairs to watch the England v Tunisia game. I'm sure you can appreciate things got quite intense. It was time to head to bed, which sadly meant missing the Harry Kane winner. Luckily Miss Bingham and Miss Hainsworth could give them the good news before they fell asleep.

Tuesday night saw the boarders in the sports hall with Mr McDonnell and Mrs Bonner-MacKenzie. Everyone showed off their skills, even the teachers got involved. After a fun filled hobby time the boarders returned upstairs to relax and watch some television before bed.

Wednesday evening saw some lovely summer sunshine so instead of being inside the children wanted to head outside to play on the field. Alex T and Nathan H had another tennis showdown with the last game being a very close win for Alex. Afterwards they all went back to the common room to watch Cheaper by the Dozen 2 before bedtime.

On Thursday evening the boarders again wanted to go have a kick around, this time 5-aside football in the sports hall. With Mrs Costello as referee it was sure to be a good game! In the end Nathan's team won. The boarders were very tired after a long day and fun hobby, so headed back upstairs to watch even more football. We'll all be professionals by the time the World Cup ends! They headed to bed looking forward to Blue Set charity day and exeat weekend.

Only 2 weeks left of term! On Thursday 5th July our final boarding event of the term is happening, the hunt for our headmaster! It's definitely going to be a great evening. Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hainsworth if you would like your child to board.