Christmas Concert @ 6.00pm

Please see downloads for the Programme


Christmas Concert

Thursday 7th December, 6.00pm-7.15pm

The following pupils are invited to perform! If, for any reason, they are unable to, please let me know as soon as possible (

Many thanks,

Mr Mark Ferguson

Director of Music


Y3 Willow G, George G, Maya P, Abigail B, Niya C, Bonnie W, Anna P, Sophia L, Annie F, Hollie F, Emilia Sudra


Y4 Hetty C, Harriet T, Faith S, George C, Verity B


Y5 Olivia A, Coco W, Genevieve C, Penelope L, Rosie F, Tara P, Emily G, Arabella G, Callan N, Tallulah J-B, Agatha C, Alistair O, Henry E, Seb F


Y6 Sam H, Rory S, Lulu H, James F, Tabitha H-S


Y7 Toby O, Megan B, Kitty W, Jemima S, Alicia T, Charles B, Ela H, Anabelle J, 


Y8 Joseph L, Jenson G, Aydin T, Charlotte T, Grace L, Scarlett G, Florence L, Peyton N, Lucia H, Amelia F, Sophie T, Wilf H-S