History Trip to Burghley House

Years 3 and 4 had a great day learning about the Tudors. Following the visit, Year 3 wrote Thank You letters.

Hetty C produced a fabulous letter describing her visit. Her beautifully written letter can be seen in the photos below. Well done Hetty!

Dear Rachel, Lynne and Mike

I loved going to Burghley House yesterday. The costume I wore was a green dress with a string bow even though I was poor, I loved wearing it!

It was really fun looking at all the food that Tudor people ate! I am not sure if I would like to be a rich Tudor or a poor Tudor because the poor were healthy and rich people had money and clean water.

When we went in the kitchen I liked watching the spit go round. I don’t think I would like eating food on the plates we saw because it looked like they were made of clay.

Making Tudor purses was very fun. I did pictures of Tudor roses and a few other things on mine, it is really pretty.

Dr Mort was funny because of all the different cures. My favourite cure was the one for the headache because they put a rope for being hanged on your head!

My chosen game was the one where you passed the bead round the circle with your thumbs.

The guided tour was my best-loved part of Burghley House. I loved seeing Queen Victoria’s bedroom.

Best wishes