Life as a Victorian

At the start of term Year 2 spent the day at the Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa. Our class topic was "Woodhall Spa Past and Present" and the children learnt about and experienced life as a Victorian child. 

They tried on Victorian clothes and listened to stories about the Wield family who used to live in the cottage. They learnt that Woodhall Spa was one of the most important Spa Towns and people travelled from all over Europe to spend time here. We discussed life without cars or electricity and the children were shocked that televisions and computer games didn’t exist in the Victorian period. 

Next we set Year 2 to work as they re- enacted washing the laundry using a posher and washing board. The children enthusiastically pretended to draw water from the well, pegged out the washing and used a Victorian hot iron. They also polished the silver and brasses before making spoon dolls. 

It was a busy trip and fun trip. The children concluded that life in the Victorian period was a lot of work!