Rugby Stars in the Making

If you're inspired by the Rugby World Cup in Japan do read the review of our U9A Rugby Team vs Highfields below. Our thanks to new Assistant Sport Coach, Dan Elkington.

“An overcast Monday in the Lincolnshire fens” is a description which would send most sides fleeing in terror. Nonetheless, Highfields pitched up and descended the mount on to the St Hughsian Plateau to face the fearless U9A team.

 Our boys lost the toss and were forced to defend. Owing to a debacle over tag belts, 2 handed touch was instigated and our boys had to adapt very quickly to these new rules. Unfortunately, the law changed rocked us, and only single-handed touches were made when there should have been two. The resulting confusion led to a couple of early tries by Highfields after some good interplay.

 We then began defending much better, with renewed accuracy, however, a 3rd try from Highfields left serious questions being asked on the pitch. But the boys were not disheartened…

 Quick handling and effective exploitation of space lead to a try in the corner from Aydin, who showed great pace all day. A second try in quick succession, scored by Wilf, and suddenly the game was back on. A murmur from the touchline as parents rightly identified what was happening:

 The Auk had stopped Rommel at El Alamein, and our boys were on the counter-attack.

 What followed will go down in collective memory as one of the great spectacles of courage and determination. A succession of tries from both sides and some periods of intense defence, notably from Jenson and both Euans, pursuing their prey like jackals on the bushveld, brought the scores up to 6-5 (to Highfields).

 Thus, it continued for five more minutes, neither side relenting, not one single player letting the side down, but with the tries still coming in, the scores reached 7-6 and it was now the last play.

 St Hugh’s having just scored, Highfields had the advantage and made the first pass of the last play. However their assault was repulsed by the courageous defence of the U9s who managed to turn them over and take the fight back to them. With outstanding running and handling from Rupert, Cameron and Ted, we reached the Highfields’ line once more. But just at the point of victory, they made a crucial tackle and the ball was lost and so the game, finishing 7-6 to Highfields.

 The skill set of the U9s was exceptional with hardly any passes going to ground. However, we must get better at playing as a team, passing to the man in space rather than just to our friends. If we can do this then there is no reason why we can’t win plenty of games.

 Well done for your efforts boys, keep working hard and the victories will come.