St Hugh’s Annual U13 Rugby 7s & Netball Tournament (H) 1.30pm

Team: U13 Rugby

Venue: HOME

Coach: Mr Sinnott

Start Time: 1.30pm

Return/Finish Time: 5.00pm



Arrive changed in kit (pack Friday after games). Meet at Pavilion at 12.30pm. Full tracksuit and water bottle required please. Presentations immediately after the final games

Rugby Report

The weather was sunny but very windy and we played our first match on the top pitch against Wisbech. We knew that Wisbech had a strong 7s team and we started the game very weakly but we slowly recovered and tried to defend more instead of just going into contact and losing the ball. The half time whistle blew and we had a motivating team talk with Mr Sinnott.  We came back on the pitch feeling strong but we then conceded many further tries. In the end Wisbech won.

Our second match was against Hull Collegiate. We played better than we played in our first match but we still struggled with our tackling and we also lost Louis through injury.

Next we played Lincoln Minster. We knew that we had to win this match and it was a close game but in the end the score was 2-1 to St Hugh’s with Ben scoring twice. Charlie unfortunately also went off injured which meant we had no subs for the rest of the day,

Our fourth match we played was against Lochinver. We started to look like we played proper rugby 7s at this point in the tournament but it wasn’t enough to beat Lochinver.

Then we played kings Grantham. We played well as we played as a team but still King’s Grantham won.

Our last game was against Birchfield. We chased the ball well from the kick off. This was Jack, Jake and Lorenzo’s last rugby match at St Hugh’s. This game we started to pass and as a result we won the game 4-1 with tries from Lorenzo (2), Ben and George.

Team: U13 Netball

Venue: HOME

Coach: Miss Hainsworth

Meet: 12.30pm

Start Time: 1.30pm

Approx Finish/Return Time: 4.30pm

Pippa (Captain)

Notes: Arrive changed (pack Friday after games). Full tracksuit and water bottles required.

Netball Report

The girls began the afternoon with a great warm up inside and team talk. Over the season all of the team have had small things to work on so we quickly talked about some our tactics going into the next 8 matches. We knew the afternoon was going to be tough but we had every faith some goals were going to scored and we would be playing some great Netball. With each match only lasting 10 minutes the girls knew they would have to make every step count and they sure did going into their first match. Once our first goal was scored we picked up confidence and showed each team what we could do over the next 3 hours. Each match came with its problems and each match everyone had to dig deep. Reinforcements were requested half way through the afternoon in the form of biscuits and this revived the girls enough to see them through the last 3 games. We were very lucky to have a visiting umpire for our team so I could encourage the girls from the side line and pick up on things to work on after each match. Despite only a couple of wins under our belt, each match was played with determination and professionalism and I am proud of how far the girls have come this season. Each and every member of the team needs a special mention so I think a round of applause should go to the whole team and here's looking forward to the last few matches of the season. Well done girls!!