Stamford U11 Rugby Festival (A) 1.30pm

TEAM: U11 Rugby  

VENUE: Away - Stamford Boys School, (Parent Parking - PE9 2BQ)

DATE: Wed 21st September

COACH: Mr Wyld


CHANGE: Morning Break (10.40am)

LUNCH: Packed lunch 

START TIME: 1.30pm

FINISH TIME: Return 5.30pm

Team: Charles B, Rupert B-W, William C, Max D, Elias H-B, William L, Toby O, Euan P, AJ S, Charles T, Fergus V

NOTES: Water bottle, studded boots and mouth guard essential. Takeaway teas will be provided at the end of the festival.

Arrangements for matches will be made on the day. The group of schools attending includes Witham Hall, Laxton, Stamford, Copthill and Spratton Hall.

Match Report

Result: Played 3 won 3

Ultimately, this afternoon turned out to be a training opportunity for the boys as they were up against depleted oppositions or teams with less game experience. Being able to run through handling moves and set plays was very helpful though and it wasn’t all one way traffic. When they had to they defended well and were robust in their defence. It was a good afternoon in terms of atmosphere and the team is well set and ready for the next game.