U10&U11; Mixed Cricket v Ranby (H) 2.00pm

Team: U11 mixed, 5 Pairs Softball

Venue: HOME - Top Field 

Date: Wednesday 16th June

Coach: Mr Sinnott

Team members: Elliot A (Captain), Henry, Spike, Jackson, Dan, Leo, Lucy, Poppy

Match Report U11A:

Draw 300 each

After a difficult beginning to the match against Ranby when we conceded two wickets in the first over, including one from the first ball, the game developed into a thrilling contest which could have gone either way up to the very last ball.

Batting first, it took us a while to adjust to the pace of Ranby’s bowling but Dan and Leo once in, showed what to do, scoring 40 runs off their four overs. By the end of our innings we had scored 100 runs, helped by a late flurry of fours from Elliot and Jackson.

However, we were not the only ones who knew how to score fours and Ranby soon exceeded the run rate we were trying to restrict them to. When the final pair came into bat, they needed 18 runs to score off four overs. By the time they had two overs left, they needed only five and by the last over they were ahead by five and the game was seemingly lost. However, Elliot was yet to bowl his final over. On the second ball he took a wicket, levelling the scores. They then took a single and the lead again. However, with the penultimate ball, Elliot took another wicket, regaining the lead again. Ranby now needed a four to level the game. The batman drove the ball to the boundary, the fielder dived to block the four, the ball decided to bounce off the fielder and dribble slowly over the line. A draw it was but also a game that highlighted the strength of pairs cricket.


Team: U10 mixed, 5 Pairs Softball

Venue: HOME - Top Field 

Date: Wednesday 16th June

Coach: Mrs Felton

Team members: Wilf (Captain), Aydin, Jenson, Euan, Amelia, Sophie, Poppy, Florence, Grace, Peyton, Angelina, Raul 

Match Report U10A:

Result: St Hugh's 254, Ranby House 285

The U10 team eagerly awaited Ranby's arrival in the glorious sunshine for our second cricket match this half term. Wilf captained the team this week and opted to field first having won the toss. St Hugh's made a promising start with some good bowling and it was great to see every member of the team bowling a minimum of one over. There were a number of wickets taken, and two fabulous catches by Angelina and Sophie. Angelina caught the ball as wicket keeper showing great reactions and Sophie made a super catch further outfield. Although Ranby started a little tentatively they soon got in their stride and went into the second innings with an impressive score of 285. 

Wilf and Euan opened the batting for the St Hugh's side and took their chances on a few occasions to add crucial runs to the scoreline. Their final over was by far the strongest, where they hit three 4's from six balls. Next up were Jenson and Amelia who had a tough first over having faced some fast bowling. However, they raised their game for the next two overs, hitting two 4's and a number of singles. Our most successful pair to bat followed, Aydin and Sophie, who were the only pair not out. They made good contact and scored twenty-six runs between them. Angelina and Peyton also faced a strong bowler but did well to make contact on a number of occasions and scored some doubles. Continuing in similar fashion, Poppy and Grace communicated well to clinch that second run on a few occasions. Our final pair into bat were Florence and Raul. With a lack of communication initially, the batters had a few close calls but they did manage to stay in until the final over where Ranby took two wickets.