U10 & U11 Rugby v Lincoln Minster (H) - 2.30pm

Venue: Home

Coach: Mr Pickering, Mr McDonnell

Start Time: 2.30pm

Return/Finish Time: 4.15pm


Harry B
Thomas B
Ethan D
Henry E
Harry H
Freddie H
Harrison S
Harry S
Daniel S
Tim M
Cole V

U10 - 6 a side


Notes: Change at 1.50pm

U10 Report

After the recent rain we have had in Woodhall Spa, the sun came out for Mr McDonnell's return to his former U8 boys. Now U10 after two years it is clear to see they have improved even further. We allowed Minster to start with the ball as they were the away team and they carried hard. With a good mix of strength, size and speed across the Minster squad they really tested the boys tackling from the first whistle. Despite Minster's talented attackers Spike H carelessly put his body on the line, making positive tackle after tackle, Minster eventually lost the ball in contact for it to be picked up by Jackson W, who weaved around the opposition defence to get himself near the line. The ball was recycled and given out to Elliot A who managed to power over the line for our first try. Time for Minster to attack again, this time they used their speedsters over their strongmen and managed to dart around our defence and score not long after our opening try. After some great interplay we came into the half with a scoreline of 5-3 (STH) and we had plenty of work to do. Moving the ball before contact and using our shoulders rather than our hands in the tackle area being our point of focus. The boys came back into the half a much better side, the consistent tackling of Spike H carried on the way it started, only Jackson W and Henry J had joined the party. Once the tackling began the boys put themselves on the front in a big way. This gave us the steam we needed and we got Huxley S on the ball, who used his incredible agility to dodge all but one of Minster's defenders, getting tackled just short of the line Huxley S got the ball back and Dan G and Elliot A were on hand to ruck over and score another try. In the closing few minutes Minster looked to be on the attack but this was quickly shut down by a huge Fijian style tackle from Henry J and the ball was back in our hands. The boys moved the ball around very well among the defence and managed to get themselves over the line one more time just as the last play was called. It was fantastic to be back with such a great group of boys and to see them thrive as a team. Keep it up chaps!

U11 Report

Lost 1-7 SCORERS – Freddie H, Harry H, Henry E, Thomas B, Harrison S, Daniel S

We made a slow start to the match and seemed rather reluctant to tackle the opposition players who ran in four tries in the first 5 minutes. At this point the boys suddenly started to play much better and Freddie scored a superb individual try running from inside his own half.  We began tackling better and anticipating the moves of the Lincoln Minster players.  The team were given the task of trying to  ‘draw’ the second half and they almost did so , with a second half score of 5-4 to the opposition.  Henry E made some excellent runs through the opposition defence and it took at least three players to stop him! Daniel S proved difficult to  stop as he weaved his way through players demonstrating great agility.

The aim for the next match is to start playing from the first whistle and not wait until we are 4-0 down!