U11 Mixed Cricket v Brooke Priory (A) 2.00pm

TEAM: U11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mixed Cricket 

VENUE: Away - Brooke Priory, LE15 6QW

DATE: Wed 25th May 

COACHES: Mr Jeffery, Mr Goodhand, Miss Blee-Storey, Mr Mayhew & Miss Britten  

EMAIL: vjeffery@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk  

CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Early - 12.00 noon 

START TIME: 2.00pm 

FINISH TIME: 5.30pm 


Scotland - Angelina, Poppy, Elias, Charles, Rupert, Max, Fergus  

Australia - Will C, Toby O, Euan B, Megan D, Florence, Wilf, Mahreen


Afghanistan - Millie, Isadora, Jemima, Austin-James, Charlie, William S, Grace 


Kenya - Michelle, Ted, Raul, Scarlett, Amelie, Ela, Joshua

India - Lucia, Olivia, Matthew,  Peyton N, Toby W,  Arthur 

NOTES: Teams of 6/7 softball pairs.  Pack uniform into red bags if being collected from the venue please email Mr Jeffrey. Snack provided after game.

Match Report

St Hugh’s Australia v St Hugh’s Scotland

The U11 travelled to Brooke Priory to play against the hosts and Leighfield.

In their first games St Hugh’s Australia played St Hugh’s Scotland. Mahreen and Euan opened the batting against Charles and Eli. In the two overs, 16 runs were scored for the loss of 2 wicket. Eli bowled Mahreen but both Mahreen and Euan scored 6s. Next batting were Wilf and William who scored 21 runs without loss. Florence and Toby O scored 4 runs for the loss of 1 wicket as Toby hit a 4 but Florence was caught out. The final pair of Megan and Florence lost 4 wickets having been bowled out, caught our and run out. It was a great catch Eli!

Scotland batted next.

Despite Rupert being caught out from Euan’s bowling for the first ball of the innings Rupert and Fergus recovered well scoring 18 runs. Eli and Poppy battd next and they both discord 4s and gained 19 without loss. Max and Charles lost 2 wickets but scored 7 runs as Charles hit a 6 and Max a 4.

Scotland won 44 to 30.

St Hugh’s Australia v Brooke Priory

Australia now played Brooke Priory and batted first. Brooke Priory looked a good cricketing opposition with good bowling and fielding. Wilf and Megan were first and they scored 6 in total as Wilf struck a 6 and Megan a 4 but Wilf caused 2 runouts. Euan and Mahreen were next and they scored 11 with another runout. Toby O and Florence scored 11 without the loss of a wicket. The last pair of William C and Wilf scored 6 runs but there was yet another runout.  We posted 34 for 4 but they were all unnecessary runouts.

Brooke came out to bat and their first pair scored 7 as Wilf bowled a maiden. Their second pair scored 8 for the loss of 1 wicket as William bowled his opposition. Florence and Mahreen conceded 11 runs. The final pair of Euan and William conceded 22 runs. Their final score was 50 for 1. Brooke Priory won due to not having crazy runouts.

St Hugh’s Scotland v Leighfield

Result: Lost 80-82

Having won against St Hugh’s (Australia), we opened the batting against Leighfield. Eli and Poppy started the innings and batted steadily, not giving cheap wickets away and running sensible singles. Both managed a few boundaries but it must be said that both the wicket and the pitch were much smaller than usual. Their total: 19 runs from 3 overs. Max and Charles relished the opportunity to thrash the ball around, and sixes and fours were scored aplenty. Total 32 off 3 overs. The final pairing of Fergus and Rupert added useful runs (29) though their seat-of-the-pants approach to running singles led to a couple of comical run outs! Leighfield fielded sharply throughout and held onto their catching opportunities but they did give away a lot of runs through needless overthrows.

With our total at 80 we looked to have a strong lead, however, the small pitch size meant that any big hitters were liable to score rapidly. It proved the case when their captain came in and whacked numerous balls over the mid-wicket boundary. Our bowling was generally very accurate and we adapted well to the shorter length of the wicket. Eli particularly bowled with good line and length and was rewarded with several wickets. Poppy too bowled consistently though did not bag as many wickets as she deserved. The final pair for Leighfield came to the final over on 69 runs, needing 12 off the over to win. It was a tense ending to the game but unfortunately another big hitter was on strike and he dispatched the ball for several boundaries (at mid-wicket!!) and closed the game out from us. Just two runs separated the teams at the end. I was very pleased with our general fielding and bowling performance today, we were alert and careful with our throws back to the stumps. It wasn’t a day for finesse with the bat - the short boundaries were far too tempting for both teams, so a lot of ‘slogging’ was on display. However, the old maxim ‘catches win matches’ was applicable here - if we had held on to all of our chances we would have come out on top.