U11 Mixed Cricket v Lincoln Minster (H) 2.15pm

TEAM: U11 A, B & C

VENUE: Home 

A - Main Square 

B - 2nd Square 

C - Astro 

DATE: Wed 4th May 

COACHES: A - Mrs Felton, B - Mr Goodhand & Miss Bonner-Mackenzie, C - Miss Blee-Storey & Miss Britten  

EMAIL: kfelton@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: 1.20pm 

LUNCH: Normal Lunch

START TIME: 2.15pm 

FINISH TIME: 4.15pm 

A - Aydin, Angelina, Megan D, Florence, Sophie, Euan B, Jenson, Wilf 

B - Ailsa, Isadora, Poppy, Mahreen, William S, Peyton B, Grace, Raul, Arthur, Charlotte 

C - Amelie, Lucia, Matthew, Ted, Toby W, Joshua, Scarlett, Peyton N 


A - 4 pairs softball cricket (4 overs per pair) - Match tops provided. Own trousers please.

B - 5 pairs softball (3 overs per pair) - PE kit 

C - 4 pairs (4 overs per pair) - PE kit

Match teas following the game.

Match Reports

With some threatening dark skies, the U11 pupils took to the cricket pitches on Wednesday to face Lincoln Minster in three softball pairs games. With our Year 5’s in France, we had all our Year 6 players representing St Hugh’s this week at home.  Competition was incredibly close and there was some great batting and fielding skills on display. 

A Team

Result: St Hugh's 177 (9), LMS 163 (7)

It was great to have a team of four girls and four boys being selected for the U11A side this week. With some more experienced hard ball players, the team were able to benefit from this and it was good to see them working together as a team supporting each other. Sophie T captained the team today and we had Beth C in Y8 officiating alongside Mrs F. 

I was pleased to hear the team more vocal today, particularly out in the field but also when batting with their partner. It turned out to be a close game, with St Hugh’s winning by fourteen runs (apologies from Mrs Felton for announcing the result the wrong way round!). There were a good number of wickets taken, including super catches from Sophie and Wilf. Angelina and Sophie also found the stumps. Our bowling is certainly improving having worked on this in games sessions. A special mention must go to Angelina who received a fast ball to the nose. She showed great resilience and returned to the field to bowl the batter out! 

Following the first innings, St Hugh’s knew they were chasing a score of 163 for 7. Our batting was somewhat determined by the standard of bowling from the opposition but on the whole, we made good contact and each pair hit the boundary at least once. There were some crucial runs scored thanks to some very decisive batters!

  • Pair 1 - Aydin & Megan - 27 runs, 1 wicket
  • Pair 2 - Sophie & Jenson - 10 runs, 5 wickets 
  • Pair 3 - Angelina & Euan - 31 runs, 0 wickets
  • Pair 4 - Florence & Wilf - 9 runs, 3 wickets 

Well done to all players!

B Team

Minster bowled first and our first batting pair were Ailsa and Poppy. The girls scored 11 in their 3 overs and lost 2 wickets with Poppy hitting a 4.

Our second pair were Peyton B and Grace. The girls scored nett zero as they lost three wickets. Raul and Arthur were next and after a maiden in their first over they scored 7 despite losing 2 wickets with both boys hitting a 4.

Our 4th pair of Charlotte and Mahreen lost 3 wickets for a nett -1 runs.

Our final pair were William and Isadora who despite losing two wickets in their first two balls and three wickets in total still contributed 8 runs as they hit out and ran well with Will getting two 4s. Our final score was 125 for 13.  

Poppy and Ailsa bowled first and conceded 16 in their 3 overs with some quite frugal bowling.

Next were Peyton and Grace who conceded 13 runs but Grace got a wicket bowled.

Raul and Arthur conceded 23 runs but Arthur got a wicket bowled.

Mahreen and Charlotte conceded 17 but Charlotte got a wicket as the batter hit their stumps.

As the rain started William and Isadora conceded 22 runs.

Minster finished on 191 for 3.

If we hadn’t lost the 13 wickets our total would have been 190. As Minster scored 191 for 3 it shows the value of keeping your wicket and not giving it away cheaply.

C Team

Result: St Hugh's 290, LMS 291

St Hugh’s to the field first with some impressive bowling skills from the first pair Ted and Scarlett, saw the team take one wicket in the first innings. The team worked together fielding but a couple of miss fields saw two balls roll over the boundary and two missed chances to catch out. The bowlers continued with good form and St Hugh’s took another wicket.

St Hugh’s turn to bat and great communication and game sense seen by the batters. Successfully hitting the boundary and Ted even scoring a 6! A couple of miss communications from one pair saw St Hugh’s run out twice with good fielding from Minster. 

A really close match, with Minster winning by one! Agreat competitive match to watch. Well down everyone.

  • Ted and Scarlett 22 runs, 2 wickets 
  • Luccia And Joshua 15 runs 1 wicket
  • Peyton and Toby.  27 runs 1 wicket 
  • Amelie and Mathew 26 runs 1 wicket