U11 Netball v Lincoln Minster (H) 2.15pm & 2.45pm

TEAM: U11ABC&D Netball

VENUE: Home - Outdoor courts 

DATE: Wed 9th Feb

COACHES: Mrs Felton, Miss Bonner-Mckenzie & Miss Britten

EMAIL: kfelton@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: Morning Break

LUNCH: Normal 

START TIME: A/B - 2.15pm/ C/D - 2.45pm

FINISH TIME: A/B - 3.30pm / C/D - 4.00pm 

A: Angelina, Amelia, Sophie, Mahreen, Charlotte, Florence

B: Millie, Jemima, Ailsa, Poppy, Peyton

C: Scarlett, Megan D, Grace, Michelle, Kitty, Megan B

D: Annabelle, Alicia, Lucia, Ela, Olivia


5 aside with rotations. Skins recommended for outdoor courts. Hooded sweatshirt for warm up please. Water bottles are essential. Shooting practice - Friday/Monday after lunch in Sports Hall.

Spectators are welcome. Upstairs viewing gallery open for Sports Hall. Refreshments in Pavilion - please note players are NOT to enter or consume food from the Pavilion. 

Match Reports

We welcomed Lincoln Minster’s Year 5&6 cohort on Wednesday afternoon. It was great that they could match our numbers which meant we could put out four teams, with every girl representing St Hugh’s in ability graded teams. All four matches were closely fought and it was encouraging to observe both teams working so hard on court. 

A Team

Result: 6-6 Draw

The U11A team faced a strong LMS side, with some very athletic players. However, St Hugh’s started well and took the lead early on in the first quarter which we went onto win 2-1. Once the girls settled into their new positions in the second quarter, we began to transition the ball up court and created further attacking opportunities, continuing our lead 3-1 into half time. The third quarter saw LMS come back fighting which caught us off guard and we initially struggled to apply our defensive skills effectively. This led to LMS having more space and time on the ball and they used this well, taking the score from 3-1 to 5-4.  Following a quick team talk, the girls went into the fourth quarter determined to pull back. This was perhaps the closest quarter but St Hugh’s managed to win it 2-1 resulting in a fair 6-6 draw!  It was a real team effort, well done. 

B Team

Result: 4-4 Draw

The U11B team got off to a good start, taking possession and sending it down to Millie to score an early goal. However, they struggled a little in the next quarter, not always communicating clearly and relying a little too much on long (and not always accurate) passes rather than dodging to get in front of the opposition. As a result, the lead changed hands and the score was 2-1 to LMS by half time. However, the girls came back on court focused and with much more accuracy in their passing. It was pleasing to see them using their speed and dodging rather than just powerful passes to get the ball up the court. A nail-biting final quarter meant the game finished in a 4-4 draw, a well-deserved final score after some great teamwork in the second half. Well done girls!

C Team

Result: 5-4 Win

The U11C team took to the court looking a little nervous but were quick to intercept the ball and win possession following a LMS centre pass. Though LMS took the lead in the first quarter, it didn’t take long for the St Hugh’s team to find the net, scoring three super goals in the second quarter. This gave them a real confidence boost and they began to settle and work hard to transition the ball up court. Our movement off the ball improved as the game progressed and it was great to see our players making leads both to receive a pass but also to create space. The third quarter was tense, with both sides having opportunities in their attacking circles. It was incredibly close and ended 1-1. Going into the final quarter, St Hugh’s were leading so the pressure was on to retain this! Again, it was end to end and with both teams scoring. The girls were delighted when the final whistle went and they realised they had won 5-4. It was super to see the progress these players have made over the last few weeks.

D Team

Result: 4-2 Win

The U11D team played their best netball of the season this week. They really gelled as a team, and it was fantastic to see them communicating so well and really looking for one another on court. Two goals from Annabelle in the 2nd quarter got us off to a strong start and gave the team real confidence. A tougher quarter followed however, as the opposition had really warmed up, and despite some very close calls, no goals were scored. With the score still a very close 2-1 to St Hugh’s going into the final quarter, we were set for a very exciting final six minutes. The girls did not disappoint. The teamwork and communication remained strong and some excellent interceptions from Alicia as GK kept the ball out of the opposition circle as much as possible. Another goal from Annabelle and an absolute belter from Lucia from the edge of the D meant the game finished 4-2. A fantastic game and one that both the LMS coach and myself agreed might be a contender for the most exciting of the season! Excellent effort, girls.