U11 Netball v Witham (H) 2.30pm

TEAM: U11 ABC Netball

VENUE: Home - Indoor (A) / Outdoor Courts (B&C)

DATE: Wed 2nd Feb

COACHES: Mrs Felton, Miss Bonner-Mckenzie & Miss Britten

EMAIL: kfelton@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: 1.50 pm

LUNCH: Normal 

START TIME: 2.30 pm

FINISH TIME: 4.15 pm

A - Angelina B (Captain), Florence, Mahreen, Amelia, Sophie, Charlotte 

B -  Isadora, Millie, Ailsa, Peyton, Jemima, Poppy

C - Grace, Megan D, Scarlett, Amelie, Lucia, Michelle, Ela, Olivia

Annabelle, Alicia, Kitty & Megan B - diving session in Pool in preparation for IAPS Qualifier.

NOTES: 5 ‘a’ side stinger rules. Skins recommended for outdoor courts. Hooded sweatshirt for warm up please. Water bottles are essential. Shooting practice - Friday/Monday after lunch in Sports Hall. Spectators are welcome. Upstairs viewing gallery open for Sports Hall. Refreshments in Pavilion - please note players are NOT to enter or consume food from the Pavilion. 

Match Reports

A Team

Result: Won 17-0

We welcomed Witham Hall on Wednesday afternoon for another 5 a side fixture using the new adapted ‘Stinger’ rules. We decided to play six lots of seven minutes to allow for as much rotation as possible and this gave the girls experience playing in a variety of positions. Focus in training this week has therefore been on the 5 a side game and the girls enjoyed looking at a variety of options for the centre pass. It was great to see them applying this in their matches and to good effect! 

The ‘A’ team this week had a squad of six players which meant each player got to play in every position on court as well as have some well earned rest on the sideline! The team was captained this week by Angelina, who really impressed in the previous match against Wisbech GS.  Though St Hugh’s lost the toss, they were very quick to gain possession and dominated play in the first seven minutes. This led to some great attacking play, though we did struggle to convert initially. Once the team were reminded to slow down and use their four seconds when shooting, we capitalised and took the lead. The St Hugh’s side continued in similar fashion throughout the match, dominating play and putting the opposition under a lot of pressure. With some outstanding interceptions we were quick to turn the ball over and worked hard on the counter-attack. We did however begin to rely on long overhead passes and our movement off the ball deteriorated. This will no doubt form part of our focus in training in preparation for our next match. The girls were pleased to win the game 17-0 and enjoyed mixing up with the Witham girls in the last seven minutes.  

B Team

Result: Lost 10-7

The ‘B’ team this week was captained by Isadora and after winning the toss, they had a really strong start to the match, with Isadora (GA) and Peyton (GS) scoring our first two goals in the first seven minutes. We rotated positions after each of the seven minute games which meant that the girls got a chance to play in each of the positions on court. For the first half, the girls dominated the court with some great attacking against the equally strong Witham defence. However, the game was lost in the last seven minutes where Witham scored four goals in quick succession and were able to intercept our attempts at pushing up the court. This left the score as 10-7 (to Witham) at the final whistle, however the girls should be proud of their impressive performance and excellent teamwork.  

C Team

Result: Won 8-7

The C team had a squad of eight, so had a little more time off the court, but plenty of rotations still ensured that everybody got lots of experience playing in different positions. Grace L was the team captain on this occasion and showed good leadership, helping to get players into position and leading by example on court. Each lot of seven minutes was really closely fought and there was some excellent shooting from several members of the team, the optional extra practice at break times really paying off! The girls worked well together and, particularly in the 2nd half of the match, communicated clearly to each other. Well done to Megan D who was voted girl of the game by Witham for some excellent interceptions when playing defensively; and a special mention to Amelie who injured her finger early on in the game but came back strong for the final 14 minutes, even scoring two more goals for the team! A well-deserved win.