Worksop College U11 Invitational Cross Country (A) 2.30pm

TEAM: U11 Cross Country 

VENUE: Away -  Worksop College, S80 3AP

DATE: Tues 8th March

COACHES: Mrs Felton & Miss Britten


CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Packed Lunch

START TIME: 2.30 pm & 2.35 pm 

FINISH TIME: 5.30 pm

U11 Boys: Rupert, William L, Aydin, Austin, Wilf, Matthew

U11 Girls: Florence (Captain), Charlotte, Ailsa, Kitty, Millie, Angelina

NOTES: White PE kit, tracksuit and hoodie to travel in. Pack uniform into red bags. Parents must email if being collected from the venue please.

It was another successful outing for our U11 Cross Country team who travelled to Worksop College for their annual event.  This course saw runners complete a total of 2.2km, racing against athletes from a number of schools, some of whom we have not met before.  

The boys were first to start this week and it was great to see them confident securing a good position on the line.  It was a challenging start, with a tight bend within the first 30m or so. Once again, Aydin pushed hard on the whistle to lead the pack, and the rest of the team followed in quick succession. 

Unfortunately, for the St Hugh's team, congestion at the second bend led to Wilf tripping over and ending up in what seemed like a stampede! This left Wilf with very little option other than holding off until everyone had passed. While he showed great resilience getting up and continuing his run, he was clearly in some discomfort and came out of the race to get checked over by the Worksop nurse. 

The remaining five continued into the distance and from afar we could see three whites break off with the lead pack. This included Aydin followed by Rupert and William, who used each other well in the race. By this point, the three boys knew they were on the home stretch and worked hard to close gaps and shake off runners. With four runners to count, we were relying on Matthew and Austin to pick up the pace as they approached the final stretch in order to achieve the best score possible. Matthew appeared first followed by Austin who always manages an incredibly fast finish. It was a tight race to the line, with Austin crossing the line just one place ahead of Matthew. As a team, this was a strong performance and we were delighted to achieve 2nd place in the U11 Boys category! Aydin and Rupert received a plaque for placing in the top 5. Well done, boys. 

Aydin (4th), Rupert (5th), William (6th), Austin (18th) and Matthew (19th). 

The girls looked slightly horrified following the stampede at the start of the boys race but had the advantage of knowing they needed to take care and stay strong in the pack. St Hugh's had a very strong start and thankfully they all got through the first couple of sharp bends. Following a very successful race at the weekend, Florence had some familiar competition but worked hard to ensure she kept a strong position. I had to work quite hard just to cut across to the other side of the field in order to encourage the girls and see them up the incline! By this stage the leader, Florence and one other had broken away from the other girls. We then saw Charlotte and shortly after, Ailsa, tackle the uphill section, working away to maintain their place and close gaps. Kitty had a faster start this week and maintained this initially but the gap did open eventually between her and the Year 6 girls.  Millie was not far behind and it was great to see our two Year 5 girls holding their own. Angelina worked away steadily in the first half but still had more to give and it was super to see her finishing so strong and crossing the line as our fourth counter. While Florence sat on the shoulder of the leader for a good part of the race, she emerged through the woods in third place. However, she finished well having ran against two very strong competitors. Charlotte did very well in the latter part of the race and crossed the line in a pleasing 5th place. Our third girl home was Ailsa in 8th place with our final counter, Angelina, crossing the finish line in 13th place. Kitty and Millie gave everything they had in the final 200m showing incredible will power! 

Another outstanding team effort which led to the St Hugh's team being crowned champions! Florence and Charlotte also achieved plaques as top 5 finishers. Well done, girls. 

Florence (3rd), Charlotte (5th), Ailsa (8th), Angelina (13th), Kitty (16th), Millie (19th).