U11A&B Girls’ Cricket v Wisbech GS (A) 2.30pm

Team: U11A&B

Venue: AWAY, PE13 1RH

Date: Wednesday 15th May

Coaches: Mrs Felton & Miss Ward

Lunch Time: 12.30pm

Start Time: 2.30pm

Return/Finish Time: Approx 5.30pm

A - 4 Pairs

Annabel S (Captain)
Annabel T

B - 3 Pairs



It was a real pleasure to take the U11 girls to Wisbech GS this week for some pairs cricket in the sunshine! They were, as always, a credit to the School. 

Every Year 5/6 pupil represented St Hugh's this week and we fielded a 6 a side A team and 7 a side B team. The match was played as a pairs format with every player bowling, batting and wicket keeping. This gave our players experience in all areas of the field as they rotated at the end of each over.

The A team lost the toss so opened the batting. Our first pair had perhaps the biggest challenge with a fast bowler who played at county standard. Despite an early wicket, Annabel S and Jasmine scored 12 runs which included reaching the boundary. Our next batters were Aurora and Beth who scored an impressive 33 runs between them, communicating well and taking their chances. There were a good numbers of 4's scored. Penny and Annabel T were our third pair in and with some quick decisions they secured a good number of runs, including some byes. They scored a total of 29 runs. 

The second innings saw St Hugh's take to the field with Annabel S bowling the first over. Considering the girls are very new to the game, all players bowled incredibly well. St Hugh's fielded well and we look two wickets in this innings, matching that of WGS. 

Final result -

St Hugh's - 74

WGS – 89

After winning the toss St Hugh’s B team, captained by Freya B, made the tactical decision to field for their first innings. All the girls fielded well and were able to have a go at both bowling and wicket keeping. Both Ruby S and Emily P scored their first wickets by catching out opposing players. It was a challenging half for St Hugh’s, seeing some good play from Wisbech and some risky chances paying off for them to claim runs. At the end of the first innings St Hugh’s had a total of 83 runs to beat.

St Hugh’s had a brilliant performance in the second innings, showing real determination and teamwork to score runs. First to bat were Hattie W and Freya B who each managed to score runs. Regardless of an early wicked, Holly B and Phoebe W scored an impressive 21 runs including a 4 hit by Phoebe. Our third pair, Ruby and Helena, faced a talented fast bowler and yet still managed to make 20 runs with two 4’s scored by Ruby. Finally, Emily P was in to bat with both Ruby and Phoebe taking turns to complete our final pair. There were some tough decisions to make with Wisbech putting their most talented bowler back in to face us. 11 runs were made to take our score to 51 runs.

Final result –

St Hugh’s – 51

WGS - 83