U13 Netball v Oakham (A) 2.30pm


Coach: Miss Wood

Lunch Time: 12.15pm

Start Time: 2.30pm

Approx Return Time: 5.30pm

1. Molly R (Captain)

2. Bridie M

3. Grace P

4. Emily R

5. Pippa S

6. Ava Ward

7. Emily S

8. Caitlin L

9. Isabelle G

Players will be guaranteed a minimum of one quarter for this match.

Notes: Change 1st break. Water bottles essential.Travel in tracksuit. Outdoor Court


We won the toss and got first centre. Unfortunately they intercepted the ball and scored. We then realised that we were going to have to work hard. We managed to get it into our d but we missed and they scored. We then gained the ball back from a penalty but we were doing messy inaccurate passes. We didn’t play our best game in the first quarter due to this we knew what we had to do in the second quarter. End core of that quarter 10-0 to Oakham.

We went on the pitch in the second quarter knowing what we need to improve on. We managed to score a goal straight away but they got one back, we marked alot tighter in this quarter so we managed to prevent goals being scored for a while but then they scored. We then got more back. Pippa did some great dodges which lead to Bridie scoring. We were dong neater passes and keeping possession of the ball instead of letting Oakham intercept it. End score of that quarter 16-4 to Oakham.

In the third quarter we held our heads up high and knew that if we played better we could catch up to Oakham. They managed to score but we did some great passing work and we managed to get one back. Emily did a fabulous shot from the edge of the d and she scored. Emily then carried on doing some brilliant shooting so we scored more. Oakham managed to channel the ball up the wing so they managed to score. We soon picked up on their channels so as a team we managed to make a few interceptions. End score of that quarter 9-23 to Oakham.

When we came back on the pitch after a good team talk from Miss Wood we felt strong. We started off this quarter by doing some great passing work. Due to this we scored. But they got some back. Oakham had their best players on the pitch but they just swapped their positions so we used this as an advantaged and we played strong. Their shooters managed to get space but Emily did an interception and we did some nice passes up the pitch and we scored but Oakham got one back. We played well and kept the ball moving nicely towards the end of the last quarter. End score 27-12 to Oakham. Well played girls we did well to come back from a weak first quarter.

Girl of the game goes to Emily S for listening to advice Miss Wood gave her and really trying to stick with her player and she tried hard to get into more space even though she may have found this difficult!