U13 Netball v Oundle (H) 2.30pm

Venue: HOME

Coach: Miss Hainsworth, Miss Bonner-MacKenzie

Start Time: 2.30pm

Approx Finish Time: C4.15pm

1. Molly R (Captain)

2. Bridie M

3. Grace P

4. Emily R

5. Pippa S

6. Ava Ward

7. Emily S

8. Georgina H

9. Caitlin L

10. Isabelle G

Final game of the netball season!  A huge thank you to Molly R as Captain and well done to all the squad for some great performances.

Notes: Change 1.50pm. Water bottles essential.  Tracksuit for match tea. Indoor Court


We won the toss and got first centre. Unfortunately we knocked the ball off and they got the sideline pass. Due to this they scored. We then realised we were going to have to work hard to win the game. The Oundle defence was strong and they stuck by our sides. Emily did a great shot. It was Oundle's centre and they got it down to their shooting third and then into their d and they scored yet again. Our shooters worked really hard with the wings creating space and channels. Score of first quarter = 4-1 to Oundle.

In the second quarter we were determined to get ahead. We put everyone in what we thought were their strongest positions and stepped onto the court. We started passing  but rushed a little and it got a bit messy and scrappy. Oundle took advantage of this and scored. Miss Hainsworth urged us on from the sideline and we started playing better. Ava got one in the hoop. We started playing a better overall game and realised that Oundle were doing big loopy passes so we started jumping for the interceptions. Both Oundle and wescored. Score of second quarter = 5-7 to Oundle.

In the third quarter we started determined to win. We soon scored a goal. We then put our heads up high and pushed on. Oundle were marking very tight but G did some great work up the wing and we all make some clear reaches and dodges which meant we scored. Oundle took their centre quickly but we managed to intercept their loopy pass and scored but they replied with another. Score of that quarter was 9 - 9 (9 all).

At the start of the final quarter we were tiring with this added extra pressure to our match. But we put our heads up and got into great space. We benefited from this and Ava did a great shot from the edge of the d. We gained more courage from this and slowed our match down, due to this Emily scored. G passed a great ball but unfortunately Bridie did a bit of footwork which meant they scored however we were now slowly edging ahead. But we still had to work hard as we knew Oundle could catch up quick.

END SCORE 16-11 To us.

Girl of the game goes to Georgina for great work on the wing and creating lots of space by dragging out her defender.

Well played girls, amazing finish to the season. I have really enjoyed playing alongside all of you and I am proud of what we have managed to achieve. Thanks for being great team players and not giving up when times got tough. Also a massive thank you to all of our coaches for helping us along the way. Thanks for a great season, can't wait to play with you in the future.