U13 Rugby v De Aston (A), 4.00pm

Team: U13 Rugby

Venue: Away

Date: Wed 10th November

Coach: Mr Sinnott


Change: 2.00pm

Lunch Time: As normal

Start Time: 4.00pm

Estimated Return/Finish Time: 5.45pm

Team: Henry E, Harry B, Dan G, Leo G, Russell B, Harry H, Freddie H, Elliot A, Thomas B, Daniel S, Spike H, Harry S, Rico L, Huxley S


Match Kit with games socks.  Gum guard and water bottle essential. 

Due to RFU adjustments to the regulations, we will be playing U11 levels and 9 aside. 

Some positions will rotate during the game.

Match Report

Result: Lost 25-20

Playing a much larger school, we knew before the game that we had to look for space on the outside if we were to find success but unfortunately, in our quest to do that, we passed the ball really well but forgot to run and so did not make much ground. By half time we were three tries down. However, in the second half we were much improved, running at the defenders and giving them different questions to answer. Tries by Thomas B brought us very much back into contention and with five minutes left, the score was tied at 20-all. Unfortunately, De Aston then scored a breakaway try to win the game. If we had started the game in the way in which we finished it, it would have been a very different scoreline