U13A Rugby v Witham, 2:30pm

U13 A & B






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U13 A & B






G. Sinnott

Lunch Time:


Start Time:

2.30pm (‘A’) & 3.20 (‘B’)

Return/Finish Time:


All Year 7 & 8 boys will play – some will just play the ‘A’ game, some just the ‘B’ and some will play both. All players will need to stay for both matches.

Notes: Matches will be played back to back.       




Wednesday's match was full of excitement as it was our first home game of the year. We were also a little bit nervous as we were about to face one of our traditional oppositions.

With Will H out with hand injury, positions had to be juggled and the boys tried their best to fill the gaps. We started the game not very well as we left too much space on the side lines and allowed them to reach the try line five consecutive times.

However, we gradually gained confidence and managed to put Jack C on the run to deliver the ball down over their try line.

End of first half was 5-1 to Witham.

The second half was a totally different game as during the interval, Mr Sinnott and Mr MacDonnell found the right words to motivate us. We started the second half fighting for each ball and tried many times to break their central line.

Unfortunately, they were quite strong and we had to use the outsides in order to gain space. With some quick passes we finally managed to score two more tries with Ben. However, our energy levels were extremely low and we allowed one more try to Witham.

Final result 6-3 to Witham but we should definitively be proud of our game for the tremendous effort.

There are many areas for improvement ahead for the next feature on Saturday but we shown excellent progress.

Man of the match goes to the whole team for their outstanding commitment.