U8&U9; Mixed Cricket v Ranby (A) 2.15pm

Team: U9 Mixed x 4 teams, 4 pairs softball

Venue: AWAY @ Ranby

Date: Wednesday 16th June

Coaches: Mr Jeffery, Mr McDonnell, Mr Wyld & Miss Wood

Team 1 (U9A) - Rory, William, Charles, Euan, Max, Elias, James, Rupert

Team 2 (U9B) - Fergus, Charlie, Alicia, Kitty, George, Keegan, Sam, Millie

Team 3 (U9C) - Jemima, Michelle, Megan, Noah, Tabitha, Olivia, Ben, Frankie 

Team 4 (U9D) - Ela, Amelia, Lulu, Holden, India, Layla, Edward, Austin 

4 overs per pair 

Match Reports:

U9A v Ranby

Result: St Hugh's 255, Ranby House 283

Opening the batting we got off to a solid start, with Rory and Eli fending off a fast and accurate bowling attack, and managing to rack up some boundaries too. Charles and Max followed suit with the boundaries though found it more difficult to keep their wicket intact. As the innings went on it became increasingly difficult to score with boundaries, though there were some quick singles run and good pressure applied to fielders. The Ranby innings started with a flourish and their openers managed to score highly off the first four overs. Our bowling was initially not as tight as it had been against Minster but, as we continued and got used to the wicket, our bowlers started to pin down their batters more easily and the fielding on the whole was sharp. Several good catches were taken - particularly by James F and Eli, and there was the promise of whittling down their scoreline. However it was not to be, unfortunately, and despite several wickets being taken in the last few overs we could not narrow the margin enough. The costly first few overs had done the damage.

U9B v Ranby

Result: St Hugh's 288, Ranby House 268

The under nines travelled to Ranby House to take part in the first away fixture in a very long time. The team, however, did not let the long journey get to them and kept full control of the game against a strong Ranby outfit. Superb batting once again from Fergus and Charlie, very strong bowling all round with Keegan taking 2 wickets in a row and Alicia taking a caught and bowled. With Ranby only 20 runs away with 4 overs to go, Fergus and Charlie knew their task and took their bowling to a new level to ensure Ranby didn’t score those 20 runs. A great game to watch and a fantastic performance from all players involved. 

U9C v Ranby

Result: St Hugh's 258, Ranby House 259

Lost by 1 run, on the final ball! A match reminiscent of the cricket world cup final against NZ, the match was level at each stage with the two teams' scores neck and neck throughout. Some super bowling and batting from everyone was great to see and Jemima, the captain, organised the orders and the field really well. The skills of cricket are developing well, with good bowling, some big hits and super fielding saving 4s. Lesson learnt is just to tighten up on the extras; the wides are expensive and, as we saw today, can make a big difference in the end. That said, lovely team spirit and the first away venture in a long time was fantastic - especially on such a fabulous day.

U9D v Ranby

Result: St Hugh's 216, Ranby House 214

The U9D team travelled to Ranby for their first competitive match. Excited to show off their cricket skills, they went straight out to field whilst Ranby took to bat. The away team displayed some excellent bowling and fielded the ball superbly, rolling or throwing the ball across the field. Some impressive bowls from Ela and India saw St Hugh’s take 6 wickets.

When St Hugh’s took to bat, the pressure was on to surpass Ranby’s score of 214. The D team communicated excellently, making lots of runs and displaying fantastic decision making. 

The final pair, Edward and Austin, were in to bat with St Hugh’s trailing by 3 runs. The final ball of the game was bowled. Edward connected with the ball perfectly, hitting for four and successfully winning the match!

Excellent play by all members of the D team - a great afternoon of sport!