U9 A&B Netball v Lincoln Minster (H) 1.45pm Re-arranged

These fixtures have been re-arranged from Monday 19th to Monday 26th

Venue: HOME

Coach: Mrs Felton, Miss Bingham

Lunch Time: 12.30pm

Start Time: 1.45pm

Finish Time: C2.30pm



















Notes: Change first break. Juice and biscuit in the pavillion. Full skins. Water bottles essential. Return to academic lessons 3.05pm.


Our next netball match saw Lincoln Minster bring their A and B team to St Hugh’s. Due to some poor wintry weather we all played indoors which meant adapting to a much larger court.  We were very pleased with how the girls coped with this and it was extremely positive to see them using the space effectively to work the ball up court!  The A and B team both played 6 minute quarters, alternating every quarter.  

The A team  started with possession following Freya’s wise decision to opt for the first centre pass.  We managed to maintain possession and worked the ball into our attacking circle within the first minute of the game.  An early goal came and St Hugh’s led 1-0.  LMS equalized in the first quarter ending in a 1-1 draw.  The girls went into the next quarter very determined and there was some lovely court linkage with girls working hard to create space and pass early.  Tallia and Helena worked hard in our defending third to deny LMS space and they made a number of good interceptions.  We denied LMS the opportunity to score and at the other end of the court, our shooters performed well, scoring a further three goals!  St Hugh’s went into half time 4-1 up.  The third quarter continued in a similar fashion, with Beth and Ruby receiving some good balls into our attacking circle by Phoebe and Penny.  Freya also made some good interceptions in this third, winning the ball back for St Hugh’s.  Although it took them a little while to adjust to the lower posts, Beth and Ruby managed to take the scoreline to 7-1!   In the final quarter, the girls played out of position to gain some experience in a different area of the court.  They enjoyed this and although we didn’t increase the scoreline in the final third, we did prevent our opposition from scoring. A very well deserved win!

The B team got themselves set up and started the game superbly with some great passing and moving up court. Olivia showed her determination as centre and continued to run absolutely non-stop from start to finish. The girls showed great teamwork and we managed to get three goals within the first quarter. In the second quarter LMS had improved and managed to string together some good passing down to their shooters who scored their first goal. The girls didn’t let this dampen their spirit and managed to prevent LMS from scoring again. Throughout the second and third quarter Charlotte and Emily continued to score for St Hugh’s, netting in a further three goals between them. The game ended 6-1 to St Hugh’s. What a fantastic team performance from everyone today and all the girls should be very proud of themselves! Congratulations on the win and let’s keep the momentum going for the rest of the season.  We face Ranby on Wednesday for our second game of the week!