U9 A&B Netball v Wisbech (A) 2.30pm

Venue: AWAY PE13 1JX

Coach: Miss Wood, Miss Bingham, Mrs Bonner-Mackenzie

Lunch Time: 12.30pm

Start Time: 2.30pm

Return/Finish Time: 5.00pm




Notes: Change first break. Full tracksuit for match teas. Full skins. Water bottles essential.


U9 A  

The U9 teams travelled to Wisbech on Wednesday in their next competitive netball match. Motivated to compete at a high standard, the girls warmed up thoroughly and were excited to step on to court. With the first centre pass going to St Hugh's, C player Penny started the game. The ball moved round the court quickly, with superb efforts between Ruby and Beth to secure a shot on goal. Wisbech were incredibly active, however, and managed to intercept a number of passes across the court. With ferocity, Wisbech attacked their goal circle and succeeded in securing the first few goals of the match.

 St Hugh's fought back tirelessly in the second and third quarters, obtaining some fantastic scoring opportunities. After a beautifully timed chest pass into the goal circle, Beth stood tall and took a brilliant shot that soared through the net. Invigorated, the away team continued to work hard, displaying great movement across the court and obtaining some brilliant interceptions. It was a hard fought loss for the U9 A’s but the team spirit never dropped.

 The U9 A’s travel to Witham next Wednesday in their next Netball tournament.

U9 B 

Our second game of the netball season took us to Wisbech. We were unsure how strong this team would be, so went into the game with a strong mentality and character. The first quarter was quite strong from our girls, and they showed their defensive qualities from the outset. Although we started strong, unfortanately their GA and GS showed some excellent shooting and scored a few goals. Throughout the game, Olivia proved herself and worked extremely hard from start to finish. She never stopped running!!

Although the game ended a 7-0 loss, overall there are some good things to take away from the game and the girls came away from it saying they very much enjoyed the game. Well done to everyone who took part.