U9 Girls’ Cricket v St Martin’s Prep (H) 2.15pm

Team: U9A Girls’ Cricket

Venue: HOME

Date: Wednesday 1st May

Coach: Mrs Felton

Lunch Time: Normal

Start Time: 2.15pm

Return/Finish Time: 4.30pm

Lucy S
Peyia F
Verity S
Olivia C
Poppy H
Amelia F
Sophie T
Ailsa F

Notes:                      Change 1.30pm. PE whites with hoody. Water bottle essential. 


This was an exciting afternoon for St Hugh's with our first Girls' cricket matches taking place. 

Our U11 Girls' joined the boys for mixed cricket at Stamford JS and some of our U9 Girls played pairs cricket against St Martin's Prep. The remainder of our U9 Girls took part in a training match in preparation for their first match against Wisbech GS. 

All Year 3-6 girls have had some initial coaching from Mr Pickering in hobby time throughout the Spring Term and continue to develop their knowledge of the game this term during games afternoons. 

Following guidance from ECB on the new format for Juniors, we played pairs cricket with each pair facing 4 overs and every player having the opportunity to bowl/keep wicket for 2 overs. St Hugh's demonstrated a good awareness of the game and played enjoyed rotating fielding positions every over. 

It was St Martin's first pair who opened the batting with St Hugh's taking to the field. There was some good accurate bowling by St Hugh's with a number of dot balls being bowled and we even bowled a maiden over! We also had a number of our bowlers take a wicket. The innings ended with St Martin's scoring 242 for 8. 

St Hugh's approached the second innings with great anticipation and it was Poppy and Peyia who opened the batting. The girls worked well together and grew in confidence as the game went on. Scoring a number of runs, including four 4s, Poppy and Peyia finished with 14 runs.

Next up was Olivia and Amelia who showed great communication as a pair, with some good decision making. Once again, we had success reaching the boundary with five 4s scoring a combined total of 30. 

Ailsa and Lucy were our third pair to bat and having learnt from our previous batters, we continued to communicate well and began to take our chances when St Martin's misfielded. As  a pair the girls scored three 4s with a total of 20. 

Our final over saw Sophie and Verity score a bye as well as three 4s. The girls showed confidence in their batting ability and were very decisive with their YES, NO or WAIT! They scored 22 for 2.

Final score -  St Hughs 286, St Martin's 242 

Well done to all players for such a super start!