U9 Hockey v Burton Hathow (H) - 1.45pm

Venue: HOME

Coach: Mrs Felton

Start Time: 1.45pm

Return/Finish Time: 3.00pm


Florence, Sophie, Mahreen, Elizabeth, Michelle, Poppy


Amelia, Ailsa, Peyton, Isadora, Jemima, Grace

Notes:   Change at first break, water bottles required. Normal 5pm finish.

On Monday we mixed our U9A&B teams up to play a mixed gender Burton Hathow side. This was another home match for St Hugh's and the teams enjoyed playing on the full pitch for a change.  Both St Hugh's teams played two quarters each and they observed one and other play from the dug out. We adapted extremely well to the extra space and used this really quite effectively. At times, play was restricted to the centre of the pitch but with some encouragement our wingers became more disciplined.  As predicted this opened the game up and we played some super hockey! St Hugh's were pleased to come away with two victories, but more importantly came off the astro knowing they had worked hard for each other and played some great hockey. Goals this week came from Amelia, Isadora and Ailsa.  Well done to all involved!