U9 Hockey v Ranby (A) 2.15pm


VENUE: Ranby DN22 8HX

DATE: Wednesday 14th September

COACHES: Mrs Corner & Mrs Ellicker-Campling

EMAIL: ccorner@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: Morning Break (10.40)

LUNCH: Early Lunch (12.00)



Team A: Coco W, April S, Tara P, Penelope L, Arabella G, Emily G, Rosie F, Agatha C, Olivia A

Team B: Tallulah J-B, Annabel L , Olivia B, Verity B, Hetty C, Maddy L, Faith S, Harriet T

NOTES: All to attend hot match tea after the match. All required to have gum shields and shin pads. If you are collecting your child from the venue please email coach in advance. (Uniform to be put in red bags and can the red bags please be returned the following day with sports kit.)

Match Report

Under 9 B Team

Result: Won 8-1

A very excited group of Year 3 girls and two Year 4 girls played their first ever hockey match away at Ranby. The girls were very nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. Once they realised it was just like playing at school, they were happy! Ranby only played Year 4 children. 

Faith was on fire as centre forward and scored four confident goals in quick succession. With the aim to even the game up, players were subbed or changed positions. Harriet, Olivia, Tabitha and Faith scored another goal. 

Close to the final whistle Ranby scored a goal. Every St Hugh’s girl played well and gave their best.

A great start to the season, well done.