U9 Mixed Cricket v Burton Hathow (H) 1.30pm

TEAM: U9 B & D Mixed Cricket 

VENUE: Home 

DATE: Mon 13th June 

COACHES: Mr Mayhew & Mrs Ellicker-Campling 

EMAIL: jmayhew@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Normal Lunch 

START TIME: 1.30pm 

FINISH TIME: 2.50pm 


B Team: Seb, Josh, Noah, Edward J, Frankie, Tabitha, Ellis, Charlotte 

D Team: Aaron, Olivia, Emily, Arabella, Tara, April, Tallulah, Callan, Thomas 

NOTES: 4 Pairs softball cricket. Return to academic lessons after the match. B - Match Kit, D - PE Kit

Match Report

Result: 264-246 W

On a sunny Monday afternoon spirits were high as the U9 B team faced a local opposition of Burton Hathow. The match started well with St Hugh’s batting first. The first pair of Seb and Josh got St Hugh’s off to a strong start scoring singles as well as a few boundaries with the highlight being a six from Seb in the pair's final over. Next up to bat was Charlotte and Tabitha who also showed good intelligence when batting, scoring lots of singles which helped boost St Hugh’s score. Ellis and Noah were the 3rd pair to bat and they were faced with some very strong bowling which limited the amount of runs the pair were able to score. The final pair of Frankie and Edward were also able to score lots of singles due to strong fielding by the Burton Hathow players. Unfortunately Burton Hathow were able to pick up their only wicket in the final over through a run out. It was then St Hugh’s turn to field - Seb and josh were the first pair to bowl and they showed how much they had progressed this year by only losing 8 runs through the 3 overs taking one wicket as well. Charlotte and Tabitha came into bowl next and the pair faced some strong batters who were able to add some runs to Burton Hathow’s score. Ellis and Noah displayed some great bowling with the highlight being Noah who managed to take 2 wickets within his over. As the final pair of Frankie and Edward came into bowl the match was very tight and could have gone either way. However, great bowling from both Frankie and Edward earned them a wicket each and meant they were able to hold back Burton Hathow resulting in a St Hugh’s win with 264 - 246. Overall it was a very fun and exciting game of cricket in which all the players should be thoroughly proud.