U9 Mixed Cricket v Lincoln Minster (H) 1.30pm

TEAM: U9ABC&D Mixed Cricket 

VENUE: Home 

DATE: Mon 6th June 

COACHES: Mr Jeffery, Mrs Corner, Mr Wyld & Miss Britten 

EMAIL: vjeffery@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Normal Lunch 

START TIME: 1.30pm 

FINISH TIME: 2.50pm 

A - Edward B, George, James, Ben, Rory P, Rory S, India, Sam 

B - Layla, Seb, Josh, Noah, Frankie, Tabitha, Ellis, Holden 

C - Edmund, Agatha, Rosie, Lulu, Penelope, Coco, Olivia 

D - Aaron, Emily, Arabella, Tara, April, Tallulah, Callan, Thomas 

NOTES: Pairs cricket. Return to academic lessons after the match has finished. A&B - match whites, C&D - PE Kit