U9 Mixed Cricket v Wellow (A) 2.15pm

TEAM: U9 A, B, C & D 

VENUE: Away - Wellow, NG22 0EA

DATE: Wed 4th May

COACHES: A - Mr Wyld, B - Mrs Corner, C - Mr Mayhew, D - Mrs Ellicker-Campling

EMAIL: ccorner@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk 

CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Early - 12.00 noon 

START TIME: 2.15pm 

FINISH TIME: 5.30pm 

A - Edward B, Sam, George, Rory S, Rory P, India, Ben, James   

B - Seb, Josh, Noah, Edward J, Kaz, Frankie, Tabitha, Ellis

C - Charlotte, Holden, Edmund, Agatha, Rosie, Lulu, Penelope, Coco

- Aaron, Olivia, Emily, Arabella, Tara, April, Callan, Tallulah

NOTES: 4 pairs softball cricket. Snack to go after match. A&B - Match kit provided. Hoody. A&D - PE Kit with hoody. Pack uniform into red bag if being collected from Wellow - parents to confirm. 

Match Reports

B Team

Result: 274-264

St Hugh’s opened the batting and started clocking up runs, quite a few 4’s were scored and Frankie and Tabitha both scored 6’s. 

Rain stopped play temporarily as the teams took shelter. 

After the 24 overs the run total for St Hugh’s was 274. 

St Hugh’s fielded well and there has been significant improvement in the bowling accuracy. Edward bowled a wicket when he slowed down his bowling action and so did Josh. 

It was a very close game with only 10 runs difference.

Frankie and Kazuo were nominated as players of the match from the opposition staff for their excellent contributions in batting and fielding.

C Team

Result: 293 - 288 (loss)

St Hugh's boweld first against a strong Wellow side in interesting conditions. However, this did not stop St Hugh’s from starting strong picking up a wicket on the the 4th ball of the game through a run out off a Holden bowl. This strong start was followed through with strong bowling being shown by all the players limiting Wellow run scoring ability. Despite a few fours being scored from Wellow’s batting after two overs each Wellow finished their first innings on 240 which demonstrated how well St Hugh’s were bowling. It then became St Hugh’s time to bat despite some erratic weather. St Hugh’s struggled to find a rhythm with their batting in their first innings through some wide and no balls from Wellow making it difficult for St Hugh’s to score boundaries. With the weather improving, so did St Hugh’s batting towards the end of the first innings as they began to score more runs and ended the first innings on a score of 244. So the game was very close with only four runs separating the two teams in St Hugh’s favour. As the sun began to shine the second innings began, Wellow came out to bat in a very impressive fashion hitting their first boundaries of the game and also managing to score runs between the wickets. As the match grew on the errors began to show in St Hugh’s bowling with a multitude of wide balls being through this helped Wellow finish on an impressive 293 runs without losing a wicket in the second innings. St Hugh’s then came out to bat. A strong first two overs from the pair of Holden and Edmund put St Hugh’s in a strong position. Rosie and Agatha then faced the next two overs and began strongly however Wellow produced a wonderful bowl which struck the stumps giving them their first wicket of the game. This caused a small setback for St Hugh’s however the team carried on scoring runs with the pairs of Coco and Penelope and finally Noah and Lulu all batting excellently and scoring runs made the game very competitive. Wellow bowled a very impressive last two over which Lulu and Noah faced which made it very difficult for the pair to score many runs. Despite the team's best efforts they only managed to score 288 runs over the 2 innings meaning St Hugh’s lost by 5 runs. Well done to all the players who played really well in some interesting conditions and made the game so competitive.