U9 Netball v LMS (H) 1-45pm

Venue: HOME

Coaches: Mrs Felton & Mrs Ellicker-Campling

Start Time: 1.45pm

Approx Finish/Return Time: 3.00pm

Amelia F

Amelia D



Notes: Change first break.Water bottles essential. Skins and hoodies also required.1.30pm warm-up. 5 a side; Bee netball rules

Court 1 

1.45pm St H B v LMS B

2.15pm  St H A v LMS A

Court 2 

1.45pm  St H Leopards  v LMS Leopards

2.15pm  St H Jaguars v LMS Jaguars  

Pupils will return to academic lessons following the fixture


The U9 girls were looking forward to welcoming Lincoln Minster on Monday for another netball fixture. Following a very blustery Sunday, we were pleased to see the winds calm down and the sun out. The girls are enjoying the 5 a side game, especially having the opportunity to rotate positions more regularly and it was good to see how well they adapted on court.

With all Year 3 & 4's from both schools playing, LMS arrived on mass and the courts were busy with back to back matches. The better weather did not last long and as the girls stepped off the court following the final whistle, it was a very different scene! The temperature dropped and I think we saw rain, sleet and snow.  Despite the elements, I was very proud of the way the girls coped. Their determination and resilience in difficult conditions was fabulous!  

The first game on court 1 saw our U9B team take on an energetic LMS side.  St Hugh's worked well as a team to transition the ball up court and as the game progressed, they became quicker when reacting to a turnover.  They were encouraged to use their four seconds on the ball in order to avoid rushing their pass.  We have focused a lot on maintaining possession and making this a priority so it was pleasing to see this.  Following an early goal from LMS in the first quarter, St Hugh's came back fighting and put pressure on the LMS side.  It didn't take long for us to equalise and this was followed by a second goal shortly after. The whole team worked hard to regain possession and it was good to see lots of play in our attacking half. There was some super movement in attack, particularly by Lizzie, who played a key role in this match.  The girls were delighted to win the game 4-2 (Ailsa, Elizabeth, Poppy). 

By the time the second round of games began, it was not a pretty sight! However, the girls were eager to get out and start their match in what turned out to be very difficult conditions.  This did not stop the St Hugh's team who quickly took control of the game. With some impressive team work, the girls created some great attacking opportunities. Sophie T did some fabulous work in defence, intercepting a good number of balls to regain possession. Amelia F played some outstanding netball and as always, supported her teammates well.  Our movement off the ball improved throughout the game and it was a real pleasure to watch the girls playing so well together.  Mahreen and Florence timed their runs very well, holding their player effectively before they cut to receive. Isadora grew in confidence as the game progressed, working hard to track back and mark her player.  St Hugh's won the game 5-0 with Amelia, Isadora and Florence contributing to the scoreline this week.

On court 2 the leopards had the first centre pass and quickly got the ball in the shooting circle with Julianna and Amelia D having a couple of shots at the net. In the second quarter once everyone had changed positions the play was quiet even with both teams having a go at shooting. Lincoln Minster scored first and we scored quiet soon after with a great goal from Amelie C.  At half time both teams changed positions and scoring ends. It had started to rain in the second quarter but during the third quarter it had started to turn to sleet; the girls were brilliant at concentrating on the match and once again it was quiet even with both teams having a go at shooting. In the final quarter it followed the same pattern as the last quarter, with both teams moving the ball from end to end, creating attacking opportunities. Final result was 1-1.

The Jaguars came out to play in some tricky, cold, snowy conditions which did not dampen their mood to play. In the first quarter both teams were quite evenly matched and despite having opportunities, they did not capitalise. Both teams rotated positions and got into place quickly as the weather was slowly deteriorating. St Hugh’s took the centre pass and worked the ball into the shooting circle quickly, with Alicia T scoring successfully. After the next centre pass Lincoln Minster had a go at goal but didn’t score and with some great passes St Hugh’s got the ball once again to Alicia T who scored her second. At half time both teams change positions and ends and decided due to the weather to have one last quarter, in which we dominated possession. Lucia received the ball and had a fantastic attempt at goal, achieving success following a second attempt. We soon got possession again and Lucia stepped up to score another. In the last minute of the game St Hugh’s intercepted a pass and got the ball into the shooting circle scoring our final goal. The final result was 5-0.

Both teams played extremely hard in some tricky conditions. There were some fantastic passages of play between various players and a lot of the girls had success in the shooting circle this week!. A very well done to both teams.