U9A Rugby v Lincoln Minster (H) - 1.45pm

Venue: HOME

Coach: Mr  McDonnell

Start Time: 1.45pm

Return/Finish Time: 3.00pm

Aydin T
Wilf H-S
Jenson G
Cameron M
Arthur R
Ted J
Euan B
William S

Notes:   Change at first break, water bottles are required. Pupils will return to academic lessons following this fixture. Normal 5.00pm finish.


As the boys took to the field after a Hunters Chicken lunch the rain began to pour. With Minster having a player down and St. Hugh’s having one too many we unfortunately lost Cameron Mc. As they had travelled we let Minster kick the game off with the ball and they started well, with some quick evasive footwork the carrying player beat the first man however Ted J was on hand to make the tackle.

 After some strong attacking play from Minster they dotted the ball down for the first try of the game. Now St Hugh’s were on the attack, the ball went to Wilf H-S, who showed great courage all game long, and he beat his first two men but was brought down short of the 10. Ted J then whipped the ball out of the breakdown but Minster’s tackling was very strong and we lost the ball in contact, leading to another try from them. After some strong running from St Hugh’s and some strong tackling from Minster the ball ended up loose deep in our own half, Aydin T scooped the ball up and used his speed and vision to dance through the minster defence to score at the other end of the field. Between a few Minster tries, Aydin T did this two more times, giving him a hat-trick.

After some strong words at half time the boys came out with a new outlook on the game and were ready to face Minster again. They started to move the ball around between each other and make some positive ground to get ourselves deep into the Minster half, however unfortunately Minster’s tackling got the better of us and we were unable to convert. After a near scoreless battle through the second half the boys had one last play to finish the game on a high. The ball flew smoothly through the hands of everyone in the line and got to Aydin T unfortunately all the tackling and running he’d done throughout the game had affected his speed and he was tackled into touch just short of the try line.

This was a tough day for the boys and they will have learnt a lot; if we improve on using our shoulders in defence and having our hands ready in attack, we will begin to thrive as a team.