U9A&B Girls’ Hockey v Grantham Prep (H) - 2.30pm

Venue: Home (Grass)

Coaches: Mrs Felton, Mrs Bonner-McK & Miss Mair

Start Time: 2.30pm

Finish Time: 4.15pm

Cheetahs (3.00pm Pitch 1)
Florence, Sophie, Ailsa, Mahreen, Peyton, Amelia F

Tigers (2.30pm Pitch 1)
Elizabeth, Poppy, Scarlett, Grace, Jemima, Isadora

Leopards (3.00pm Pitch 2)
Amelie, Megan, Millie, Jackie, Amelia D, Julianna

Jaguars (2.30pm Pitch 2)
Lucia, Michelle, Olivia, Ela, Corinne, Alicia


Remember water bottles and mouth guards!

Cheetahs and Tigers will play half a match each against Grantham A
Leopards and Jaguars will play half a game each against Grantham B


It was another successful afternoon on the hockey field with matches against Grantham Prep today. In order to give all our Year 3 & 4 girls pitch time, St Hugh's fielded four 6 a side teams to play against Grantham's A & B teams. 

The Tigers faced the Grantham side first in what proved to be a very exciting match.  St Hugh's started strong and dominated from the start, supporting one and other both on and off the ball.  We looked hungry for the ball and it was great to see us so determined to win 50:50 balls!  Our tackling this week was improved and we put a good amount of pressure on the ball.  In attack, we began to push up as a unit and this put the opposition under a lot of pressure in their defensive half.  We had a number of shots on target resulting in a confident win for St Hugh's. 

The second half saw the Cheetahs take to the grass pitch and after a few minutes the girls adapted well to the surface.  They were very quick to capitalise with some fantastic shooting from within the circle.  The team were focussing on using the width and depth of the pitch today, and it was great to see them playing the ball back when under pressure in order to switch play and go forward. With a few goals behind us, the girls were given conditions to make them play more creatively and we really began to pass the ball well as a result. Driving the ball up the line and pulling it back to top D is quite impressive at this stage! An outstanding team effort by St Hugh's led to another pleasing win. 

The Jaguars got off to a fantastic start against Grantham Bs, scoring three times in quick succession, with Michelle leading the charge down the centre. Taking the opposition somewhat by surprise and with good teamwork in the D, it was great to see such motivation right from the first whistle. As the game went on, there was some great defensive play too, with Ela, Corinne and Alicia all able to get stuck into a tackle or two. The second half remained just as lively and a further two goals were scored. Olivia was able to zip quickly up the centre in the second half, helping the scorers, and Lucia positioned herself well on the wing. After a fantastic effort, the girls won 5-1.

The Leopards were up next and had to work hard defensively as Grantham came back stronger in this second game. Amelia and Millie were able to get the ball out to the wings on more than one occasion and it was good to see the girls beginning to look for space and becoming more accurate with their passing. Megan really showed some strength in defence too and was able to send the ball back up to the centre. Positions were shuffled around in half-time and the girls displayed much better teamwork in the second half. Jackie and Julianna were able to position themselves well and pass accurately to their teammates and it was a real group effort that resulted in a 3-0 win. Well done girls! 

We look forward to facing Burton Hathow and Ranby next week. Well done to all players.