U9A&B Rugby v Wellow (A) - 2.15pm

Team: U9


Date: 16th October 2019

Coaches: Mr Jeffery & Mr Elkington

Lunch Time: 12.15pm

Start Time: 2.15pm

Return/Finish Time: 5.00pm

All boys will be travelling to Wellow. Teams will be selected following Monday’s match.

Notes:  Change at first break. Pack full tracksuits and hoody.


Another ‘touch’ match yesterday away at Wellow. On quite a small pitch both teams were evenly matched and both possessed several strong individual runners. Rupert and Charles both scored after convincing runs to the line. Aidan added to the scoreline with a neat try right in the corner. Similarly Euan P increased our lead with some well-timed support play for the second week in succession. Raul was proactive with his ‘tackling’ and led by example with excellent back-up from the rest of the boys. Areas to improve are:

1) to pass with more regularity and fluency

2) to run forwards instead of laterally (which limits the space available to the team).

3) to advance as a defensive line all together

Final score: 6 tries each.