U9AB&C Netball v Ayscoughfee (H) 2.30pm

Venue: HOME

A - Indoor

B/C - Outdoor 

Coaches: Mrs Felton, Miss Ward & Mrs Costello

Lunch Time: 12.40pm

Start Time: 2.30pm

Approx Finish/Return Time: 4.00pm

A Team

Lucy, Peyia (Captain), Verity, Olivia, Amelia, Sophie, Florence, Mahreen

B Team

Elizabeth, Poppy, Isadora, Peyton (Captain), Ailsa, Grace

C Team

Amelie, Zoie (Captain), Lucia, Phoebe, Henrietta, Scarlett

Notes: Change 1.50pm. Remember water bottles please


We were delighted to welcome Ayscoughfee to St Hugh's on Wednesday afternoon for U9 football and netball fixtures. This is a new fixture for us and there were some great competitive matches played on the netball courts and on the football pitches. 


The U9A team had their first home indoor match and very much enjoyed having the space on the larger court! Peyia captained the team this week and did a super job looking after the opposition as well as her own teammates. 

It was clear from early on that it was going to be a tightly contested game, and despite the final result, there was a lot of end to end play with both teams creating attacking opportunities in their goal circle. St Hugh's struggled to convert our shots on goal this week but our movement in the circle was good, supported well by our WA and C on the circle edge.  

Ayscoughfee moved the ball quickly and were more physical than us, which saw them win the majority of 50:50 balls. The opposition jumped to receive passes and we were just that little bit slower to respond at times. That said, there were some super interceptions made by a number of our players to win back possession for St Hugh's. 

We really began to support one and other well and the timing of our runs was at times quite impressive. I cannot fault our work rate on court, with the bare minimum 7 players and four eight minute quarters! 

Despite a 0-9 defeat, St Hugh's performed very well against a predominately Year 4 Ayscoughfee side. It is great to see them bonding as a team and applying a lot of the tactics and skills we have been working on in training.


Ayscoughfee played a superb match taking an early lead within the first few minutes. It was a quick game by the opposition who passed with fluidity resulting in St Hugh’s being behind the ball for the majority of the time. 

St Hugh’s were able to seize a few opportunities to get the ball into their D and were unlucky to not facilitate a goal. Zoie showed great determination and patience but was just short of gaining an equaliser. 

St Hugh’s were able to challenge the progression of the opposition with some great marking and moving of the ball. As the game progressed it was clear that both sides were becoming tired, however neither gave up trying to gain another shot at a goal. 

I was very proud of St Hugh’s for not only enjoying their match against Ayscoughfee but for also digging in when it counted and trying to put into play all the skills they have been learning! With a final score of 0-1 to Ayscoughfee I think they should be proud of their efforts. 

Well done girls!