U9B&D Mixed Cricket v Ranby (H) 2.15pm

TEAM: U9B&D Mixed Cricket 

VENUE: Home, B - Astro & D - Grass Strip 

DATE: Wed 18th May 

COACHES: Mrs Corner & Mrs Ellicker-Campling 

EMAIL: ccorner@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk  

CHANGE: Morning Break 

LUNCH: Normal Lunch 

START TIME: 2.15pm 


B Team: Sam, Seb, Josh, Edward J, Frankie, Tabitha, Ellis, Charlotte 

D Team: Aaron, Olivia, Emily, Arabella, Tara, April, Tallulah, Callan, Thomas 

NOTES: 4 pairs, 4 overs per pair. B - Match kit with hoody. D - PE kit with hoody. Match teas outdoors following the game.

Match Report

B Team:
Result: Won 351-302

On a very warm afternoon the team hosted Ranby. We went into bat first with Sam and Ellis, a strong partnership with several 4s and a few 6s. Next into bat was Josh and Edward with steady batting and one four scored. Seb and Charlotte were the third pair and needed to make sure they communicated with each other before running, however they still batted well.

The last partnership was Frankie and Tabitha who play tactically and constantly watch the fielders to squeeze extra runs in, it works!

The bowling is improving every match and Ellis and Josh both took wickets. At times we went to sleep and let a 4 go, the ball travelled fast on the astro. Occasionally the fielders didn’t use the long barrier method and used their feet and the ball went over and resulted in a 4.

Sam was an excellent captain, very calm and considered. Seb was excellent at fielding and throwing the ball accurately towards the stumps.

Well done team!