Wizarding, Quidditch, Quills, Spells and Sorting Hats

We, being mere Muggles, were whisked away to Repton for a fun filled day of Wizarding, Quidditch, Quills, Spells and Sorting Hats. The pupils had a fantastic time learning what it takes to be a wizard from all the Professors at Repton. They started by making their team amulet for Ravenclaw which was very well designed by Freddie, Annabel got involved with the painting of the school name for our very own Wizards Cape, whilst Hattie and Emily expertly used the Quill when writing out their spells. Cole thought out some awe-inspiring words for the Sorting Hat School Rhyme and Henry was a force to be reckoned with when using the Quaffle in their game of Quidditch!

All had a great time, culminating in the team setting up their very own shop within Diagon Alley, as well as getting into the final of the Quidditch tournament. Some amazing efforts and a much deserved win, but we were just shy of grabbing that Snitch!