Y3-6 Intra-School Swimming Gala (2.00-4.00pm)

All Year 3-6 pupils will be taking part in our Intra-School Swimming Gala on Monday 25th March. Every pupil has entered two individual events and will also swim in a set relay.

The gala commences at 2.00pm and parents are warmly invited to spectate. Please be aware there is very limited seating on poolside. Following the gala, pupils will return to lessons and finish school at 5.00pm as usual.


The Year 3-6 Gala saw every pupil in Year 3-6 compete in a minimum of two individual events and a set relay.  With 73 swimmers competing, poolside was not a quiet place!  It was a great afternoon with some outstanding performances - personal best times were smashed and even school records broken! 

Most of all, it was a great way to end the term and celebrate every child's progress over the course of the year. The children have worked incredibly hard in lessons and swim squad.  They have been able to track their own progress using personal best times and have also been encouraged to give things a go and learn from their mistakes.  There were several swimmers who used a dive start or a tumble turn for the first time in a competitive event which is fantastic to see. The set relays were a super way to end the event, with some very competitive races!

A huge well done to every swimmer and a special congratulations to those who received a medal for achieving the fastest time across the event.  All personal best times for all swimmers will be updated to reflect their performance today.  They can check this on the swimming board outside the pool.

U9 Girls 3x1 Individual Medley

1st - Ailsa                  1.02.63
2nd - Lucy S              1.05.31
3rd - Sophie T            1.06.09

U9 Boys 3x1 Individual Medley

1st - Henry J              1.05.66
2nd - Elliot A              1.12.56
3rd - Jenson G           1.15.56

U11 Girls 4x1 Individual Medley

1st - Helena F             1.00.82
2nd - Aurora F             1.09.53
3rd - Beth C                1.14.31

U11 Boys 4x1 Individual Medley

1st - Harry M              53.65 - NEW RECORD
2nd - Morgan D           1.10.91
3rd - Matthew K          1.21.41

U9 Girls Backstroke - Ailsa F, 15.56
U9 Boys Backstroke - Cameron McC, 18.37
U11 Girls Backstroke - Beth C, 35.50
U11 Boys Backstroke - Harry M, 24.44 - NEW RECORD

U9 Girls Breaststroke - AIlsa F, 20.19
U9 Boys Breaststroke - Henry J, 22.66
U11 Girls Breaststroke - Helena F, 30.28
U11 Boys Breaststroke - Harry M, 29.03

U9 Girls Front crawl - Sophie T, 14.97
U9 Boys Front crawl - Elliot A, 14.63
U11 Girls Front crawl - Aurora F, 25.09
U11 Boys Front crawl - William B, 28.38

U11 Girls Butterfly - Helena F, 12.00

U9 Set 5x1 Canon Relay (Race 1)
1st - White
2nd - Blue
3rd - Red

U9 Set 5x1 Canon Relay (Race 2)
1st - White
2nd - Blue
3rd - Red

U11 Set 8x1 Canon Relay
1st - Red
2nd - White
3rd - Blue (DQ)

U9 4x1 Medley Relay
1st - White
2nd - Red
3rd - Blue

U11 4x1 Medley Relay
1st - Blue
2nd - White
3rd - Red