Year 1 visit to Burghley House

Year 1 loved their trip to Burghley House on Friday 18th June. They explored the many different rooms in the house and learnt how the Victorians would have lived and worked there. The house itself is over 400 years old, but had a big remodel in the Victorian era. 

The children also learnt about the Cecil family who lived at Burghley and spotted past Kings and Queens on the walls, who had allegedly stayed there.

Everyone was amazed by how large the rooms were with many having paintings on the ceiling by Antonio Verrio. The best way to view and enjoy them was to lie on the floor!

Children were given the challenge to explore several Victorian household items and guess what they were used for, before discussing how they have changed over the years into the objects we use now. They even had the chance to have a go at some Victorian jobs and past times, such as folding sheets, polishing shoes and making their own scrapbooks.

Despite the rain, there was great fun to be had in the Garden of Surprises!