Year 1’s Nature trip to Spalding

Last Friday Year 1 travelled to Spalding to board a water taxi!  They had a lovely journey along the River Welland and spotted many different birds, including a bevy of swans.

Once they had disembarked, they walked to the garden centre at Springfield to take part in a number of different activities including planting up a summer border with lobelia and bergonia.  Head gardener Barry showed the pupils how to measure the distance between each plant carefully before they had a go at planting.  They worked together as team playing “tortoises” and soon had a lovely row of plants. After this they visited the vegetable gardens and spotted a fig tree, numerous herb plants, some asparagus and much more.  They also saw a very special memorial garden in which there was a beautiful tulip tree planted by Her Majesty the Queen Mother.  The children’s knowledge of the seasons was put to the test by Inga’s questioning skills and they were able to use their forest school facts to help identify other plants and trees too.

Lunch was eaten on deckchairs surrounded by hungry ducks!  Some cheeky ducks even took a bite of a sandwich! 

After this they navigated around different parts of the garden to find golden treasure and then started the journey home. Mike, the pilot of the water taxi, let everyone have a go at steering the boat and they took it in turns to ride at the front of the boat.

The children answered and asked lots of thoughtful questions today and were praised for their super behaviour.