Year 2’s visit to Heckington Windmill

Year 2 visited Heckington Windmill today as part of their topic on Green Britain.  They learnt about how the wind is measured and how it affects the mill.  They learnt all about how the wind is used to mill the flour.  The children got the chance to grind their own flour. 

The children also climbed right to the top of the windmill and discovered that the wind can make the whole of the top of the windmill turn round!  It was a beautiful day and we were treated to some amazing views over Lincolnshire.  In the discovery area the children recreated the windmill and dressed up as Victorian children.  No-one wanted to be the poor child who had to carry the bag of grain; it weighed the same as three sacks of potatoes!  Thank you to all the staff at the mill, it was a wonderful trip.