Year 5 Farm Trip

On Friday Year 5 travelled to Mr & Mrs Scott's farm as part of the farming topic we have been studying. Mr Scott took us on a tour of the farm starting with a look at the solar panels they have got installed there and how they are used to generate energy. After this we looked at several different crops that are grown, ranging from borage, potatoes, daffodils, wheat, wild oats, artichoke, asparagus and peas. Mr Scott explained what these crops required in order to grow and how the irrigation system worked. We were lucky enough to be able to sample a few of these - and I think freshly shelled peas were the most popular! A superb lunch was arranged for us to eat in the woods which included some of the produce we had seen. Children tucked into the asparagus and artichoke, and those who had not tried them before were pleasantly surprised. After a run around the woods we drove to the reservoir and heard about its uses on the farm. Close by the reservoir we had a cherry picking competition with large amounts of cherries gathered (and consumed). We also had look at some of the large storage facilities set aside for these crops, before heading back to the main yard for a debrief. 
A massive thank you is due to Mr Scott for accommodating us all and explaining some of the complex issues and decisions involved with running a farming business. And also a huge thank you to Mr Scott's parents who laid on such an excellent spread of fresh produce at lunch for all of us. The visit really highlighted the importance of farming in our community and for our country.