Year 7 Trip

On Friday 11th March Year 7 visited the National Civil War Centre, Newark to support their learning about the British Civil Wars in the 1640s. The first workshop involved identifying some rather gruesome wounds from the battlefield and deciding whether they were fatal or not. Following this, pupils tried on different battlefield outfits including heavily armoured pikemen, cavalry and the barely protected musketeers. Then a quick lesson in musket drills and pike drills kept them on their toes. After watching a short film about the siege of Newark, we selected three objects from the galleries that we thought were the most interesting; some pupils then acted as curators and explained their objects to the rest of the class. Dressing up in 17th Century costumes also went down well. In the afternoon, Year 7 re-enacted the trial of King Charles I, with Rico as the doomed monarch, Huxley as the ‘mysterious woman’ and Sam as the executioner. There was a lot learned about the Civil Wars through these activities, which brought the events to life, and also through our knowledgeable guide for the day, Denise.