Years 3 - 6 Set Swimming Gala

It was a super afternoon on Wednesday with our Year 3-6 pupils coming together to compete in our Annual Intra-School Swimming Gala. Though Covid put a stop to this event in 2020 and 2021, the standard of swimming was as impressive as always, with every pupil racing in a minimum of two individual events plus a team relay. 

Poolside was buzzing, with eighty competitors and over sixty spectators. The gala usually begins with the most prestigious of events, the Individual Medley. Swimmers have to qualify for this event prior to the gala, with the four fastest qualifying times achieving a place in the final. These races were tightly contested and it was great to see the U11 Girls race getting close to the school record. Congratulations to all finalists and our 2022 winners! 
Following the Individual Medley races, we saw pupils competing in their chosen individual events which included backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. Swimmers raced in ability graded races, giving them all an opportunity to swim competitively and at a level suitable to each individual. 

Medals were awarded to the fastest time in each event (heat declared winner), with second and third place being congratulated alongside them on the podium. It was lovely to see each child showing such determination as they swam which was enthusiastically supported by the crowd. Competition between sets was fierce; the set coloured caps certainly made for a noisy poolside! 

Every pupil should be proud of their performance, whether they're an accomplished club swimmer or a novice. Observing from poolside, it was clear that many swimmers were trying hard to apply the skills we have worked on in lessons - whether it be technical aspects of the stroke, the underwater phase, diving or tumble turns. 

Thanks must go to all our swimming staff and lifeguards, as well as other members of staff assisting on the day. 

The Individual Medley Results are as follows but please click here for the full list of results.

U9 Girls 3x1 IM

  • 1st Charlotte 1.00.5s
  • 2nd Tabitha 1.06.56s
  • 3rd Penelope 1.16.31s
  • School Record - 48.62, 2001

U9 Boys 3x1 IM

  • 1st Keegan 58.96s
  • 2nd George 1.02.10s
  • 3rd Sam 1.15.56s
  • School Record - 36.35, 2000

U11 Girls 4x1 IM

  • 1st - Charlotte 57.9s
  • 2nd - Ailsa 59.59s
  • 3rd - Annabelle 1.05.96s
  • School Record - 56.16s, 2012

U11 Boys 4x1 IM

  • 1st - William Cooper 1.14.04s
  • 2nd - Aydin 1.15.62s
  • 3rd - Jenson 1.18.87s
  • School Record - 58.88, 2018