Boarding Update Summer Week 3

On Monday the boarders headed to the cookery room to make some delicious cinnamon swirls. They all showed off their baking skills and according to Mr McDonnell the results were very tasty! After probably eating too much, they headed upstairs for a quiet evening watching some television.

Tuesday evening saw our boarders head to Jubilee Park for a fun-filled evening on the inflatables. It was a busy night with a couple new faces in the boarding house which is always lovely to see and the boarders had so much fun! The pool was lovely and warm also which helped with the cooler evening.  After this we went back to the boarding house and headed straight to bed.

Wednesday evening is our ‘chillax’ night after tea. The boarders watched some movies and played board games with Madame Clayton and Mr Jeffery. They then carried on watching their favourite films before bedtime.

Thursday night saw the children go down onto the headmaster’s lawn to play croquet. They showed off their skills to Mr Goodhand and Mrs Costello who could definitely do with some practice. Afterwards, we all gathered in the common room and watched Matilda…a great film! Amelia also played with Kiki who came down to say hello to the boarders before bed.

We hope everyone has had a lovely exeat weekend and enjoyed the wonderful weather! If you’d like your child to board please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hainsworth.