Dams & Bouncing Bombs

The Year 1 classes have been learning about the story of the Dam Busters and their bouncing bombs.

Both classes first made a river in a large storage box with sand in. Then they created a dam using lollipop sticks, lego and rocks, and tested them with water.  Sadly after about 5 minutes Birch’s dam leaked through and all the water was soaked up by the sand, but Willow’s held the water all afternoon. The two dams were compared and it was discovered that although Birch had built sensible back up walls, Willows had made their river bed/edges much firmer.

Following on from this the pupils learnt about how the Dam Busters practised before dropping their bouncing bombs towards the dams. They then experimented with water balloons and foam bricks to see how tricky it was to hit the dam using a bouncing bomb.