Double Nativity

Our Pre Prep parents had a double helping of nativity concerts yesterday.

Reception and Nursery performed “ A Wriggly Nativity” which is for children who just can't sit still! Every angel, shepherd, lamb and chicken used all their energy to wriggle their way through this musical. Sticking to tradition, Mary and Joseph, and an exhausted donkey, trekked around and around (the stage) looking for somewhere to stay. The Shepherd's watched their flocks, the lambs and chickens joined in with some great wriggling. The stars and angels wriggled and spun around and around.

Finally it was the turn of Years 1 and 2 who performed the humorous A King is Born. The story revolves around some very excited children on Christmas Eve. Their mother reads them a bedtime story about the first Christmas. The children enjoy hearing about Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem, discussing why they didn’t go by aeroplane or car and whether or not they used GPS! 

The performance ends with a rousing song called “Thanks and Praise” which was enthusiastically performed by all the children. Many thanks to all the children and staff involved for their huge effort in producing such marvellous nativities.