U10&11; Rugby v Highfields (A) 2.15pm

TEAM: U10&11 Rugby  

VENUE: Away - Highfields, NG24 3AL

DATE: Wed  5th October

COACH: Mr Pickering

EMAIL: mpickering@st-hughs.lincs.sch.uk

CHANGE: Morning Break (10.40am)

LUNCH: 12.15 

START TIME: 2.15pm

FINISH TIME: Return 4.45pm

Charles B

Euan P

Toby O

Max D

William C

Fergus V

Ellis R

Rory S

Noah G

George C

Holden L

Ben H

Sam H

Edward B

NOTES: Water bottle, studded boots and mouth guard essential.  Cold snacks will be provided at the end of the match.  Two matches.   First match is Touch rugby with the ambition to progress the second match to tackle (U10 rules).  At the request of the opposition.