We are proud of our strong boarding tradition at St Hugh's School. We are extremely flexible, and aim to meet the needs of the children as well as the demands of busy working parents.

The children are very well catered for and greatly enjoy the experience, whether as weekly or flexi boarders. A full and diverse programme of activities and hobbies is provided after school so no child is ever bored!

Day children are welcome to participate in boarding life as much as they wish. We often host special nights to encourage pupils to get involved in the boarding community. Recent activities include Nerf Wars and an inflatable swimming evening at Jubilee Park!

Our boarders are accommodated in a well-appointed house under the close supervision of a house parent and assistant tutors. The Headmaster and his wife are also onsite. The boarding house has a strong family feel, giving the children a real sense of security and family warmth. The ethos of the houses is different from school so the children feel they are "at home" rather than at school.

Contact between parents and guardians and their children is well maintained by email and phone, and parents are very welcome to visit, particularly on Wednesday afternoons when we often play matches against other schools.

We are able to accommodate children who wish to board on a part-time or flexible basis.  Some children elect to board for just a few nights each week, others will increase the number of nights they stay as they progress through the school in preparation for joining a senior boarding school at thirteen. Children often prefer to do a few nights to build up continuity.

The boarding community here at St Hugh’s – whether weekly boarding or simply flexi-boarding on an occasional basis – is vibrant and exciting. We look forward to welcoming your child into our family.