Celebrating Boarding Week

The boarding house was very busy with our Celebrating boarding week and it was so lovely to see so many new faces. Throughout the week we saw over a third of the school boarding either for one day or for the whole week. 

Monday evening saw us attempt a very wet bubble football. There was not much football involved but instead lots of rolls, bounces, and upside down stunts were perfected throughout the evening. The children, and staff, were left grinning ear to ear with such an enjoyable evening.

Tuesday was our infamous Hunt the Headmaster and children had been guessing all week where he could be hiding - the pub being a firm lead. Again the weather was against us but it did not stop the teams from racing around Woodhall searching for clues as to where our Headmaster was. The winning team discovered his location in just under 30 minutes and were disappointed to find him at ................. the school pavilion! There were lots of tired children, and staff, after this event but once again lots of smiles, especially after the ice-cream reward. 

Wednesday saw our new event Boarders Got Talent and what a display we had. Our judges, Mrs Wallis and Miss Wood, had a very tough decision to make with our 13 entries ranging from magic shows, singing, dancing, and gymnastics. Who knew there was so much talent in one school. Our overall winner was Ruby with her amazing rendition of Arabian Nights from Aladdin. This event has been requested as an annual evening so watch this space for Boarders Got Talent 2020.

Thursday evening was the return visit to Tattershall Lakes and the water park. Forty four boarders and staff headed off to the lake full of energy and enthusiasm. Hot chocolate was waiting for them on their return and everyone went to bed happy but tired. Dorms were silent very early and the staff could hear lots of snoring as soon as heads hit the pillow. Another successful boarding evening.

Thank you to all staff and children for an absolutely phenomenal week of activities and boarding experiences. They were all impeccable and delightful to have in the house - they have been rewarded with some treat biscuits to say thank you. 

We look forward to welcoming many new faces at the start of next year and keep your eyes peeled for our termly events - if you have any suggestions please do come and find me.   Miss Hainsworth and the boarding team.